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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri Nov 1 05:10:58 EDT 2013

Again, you didn't quote, so I don't know what you're replying to, but
reaching back in my memory, I think I know where 3.1.4 came from.  First,
I'm 99% positive that the 3.1.4 I had was for ProDOS only.  I couldn't
really tell any major changes from 3.1.3 except perhaps some programs seemed
to have speech which didn't before, but I'm not sure on that point.  I only
used it briefly before switching to MS-DOS, so maybe a year or so.  I think
it actually came with Prowords.  Apparently there are or were multiple
versions of it.  I got a version from someone here with Textalker, Prowords
and Proterm.  That isn't the same version as I had.  My version was on two
disks as this was, but had Prowords only.  I remember the other programs
were sold separately and I didn't have them.  This would've been around 1992
or so.  I was surprised that 3.1.4 existed because I had recently came
across 3.1.3 on some other disk (I can't remember which right now) and
didn't notice any obvious differences.  I briefly used Sensible Speller (not
APH Speaking Speller) which I think might have had 3.1.3 for DOS 3.3 and
ProDOS, but I didn't own it and only used it a week or so.  It's highly
possible that 3.1.4 is only in my imagination and didn't exist, but I'm
fairly sure I remember it and there were only a couple of disks it could've
been on.  I'm wondering if Microtalk invented their own version and shipped
it with Prowords, but it had the standard APH copyright message on startup.
 It would be nice if APH and/or Street Electronics would release the source
for it.

Unfortunately, my disks are in permanent storage and would be next to
impossible to access.  Even so, many of them are bad, my drives are shot and
I had no luck at all when I tried to transfer them from my real Apple, so I
pretty much gave up.  I would consider selling everything or letting someone
borrow it, but there are a lot of personal files on there which I don't want
the public to have.

Was there ever a Textalker 2.X?  If so, where might I find it?  I've looked
and I know 1.3 and 3.1.X exist, but I've never seen anything in the 2.X or
3.0 series.  I'm also looking for Wordtalk from Computer Aid (Computer Aids?
 not the GW Micro version) if anyone has it.  I had it, but it
self-destructed when someone (not me) tried to copy it, so I only briefly
got to use it.  It reminds me somewhat of Bex but less friendly.  I think it
either had a protected DOS or Pascal, but I didn't get to use it long enough
to find out.

On 10/22/2013 5:30 AM, Kyle wrote:
> I would definitely like to have copies of the final BEX disk images you
> have. Also, if there's anything with the ProDOS version of Textalker
> 3.1.4, I would greatly appreciate a copy of that as well. Thanks.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

Have a good day,
Tony Baechler
tony at baechler.net

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