[Blindapple] Looking for catalog/menu program

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri Nov 1 04:55:28 EDT 2013

You didn't quote the reply, so I don't know if you're replying to my post or
not.  No, that is completely unhelpful and doesn't do me any good.  There
are lots of generic menu programs which are easily customizable.  What I
want is one which automatically reads the disk catalog and lets me select a
program from a list.  It's pointless if I have to modify the program for
every disk I want to access.  With literally hundreds of disks to go
through, your solution is beyond impractical.  Besides, not all disks are
bootable and it wouldn't make sense to put Textalker on most of them,
especially since I never have to reboot the emulated machine anyway.
Actually, I found something which sort of works, but it isn't perfect.  It
reads the catalog and gives me a nice menu.  I started making some changes,
but at least it can read whatever disk is in the virtual drive at the time.
 That doesn't help with Integer, but it's a start at least.

On 10/24/2013 12:24 AM, Kyle wrote:
> The ESDOS.DSK disk has a nice little program called NARF HELLO that
> works pretty well, and can be easily adapted to the programs on a disk.
> It allows you to arrow up and down through the menu, and entries are
> simple DATA statements in the program. Just be sure to boot from either
> a standard Apple DOS3.3  disk or a Pronto-DOS disk and load the HELLO
> program from ESDOS to save on the disk you choose. For some reason,
> Textalker and ESDOS don't work very well together, but NARF Hello is a
> really good menu program. Just remember to adapt it to your needs by
> making it brun textalker and adding the appropriate DATA statements as
> documented in REMs starting at line 5000. Hope this helps.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

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