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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri Feb 12 07:01:57 EST 2010

Hi all,

I apologize for the late reply on this thread.  If this has already been 
addressed, please disregard.

What version(s) of Talking Writer do you have?  I know of at least three 
different, distinct major versions.  Unfortunately, all have the 1984 
date.  I have a very old version (probably the first) which does nothing 
to fix mispronounced words.  The best example is "minute."  With the 
Echo, it comes out "my-nute."  The second major version I've used fixes 
that as well as several other things, such as using the correct form of 
"read" on the main menu when pressing "R" to read from disk.  The third 
major version was not mine so I don't remember much about it, but I 
think it had the voice controls mentioned below.  The two that I had 
only had six items on the menu.  From memory, they are:

Talking disk
1. Talking Writer
2. Typing Game
3. Dragon Maze
4. Space Invaders
5. Music Game
6. Exit

If anyone can pinpoint exact dates and releases, I would be very 
interested.  I also have Talking Riddles from the same company, Cross 
Educational Software.  Unfortunately, my disks are in storage, probably 
permanently.  It would be next to impossible for me to get at them and 
my drives are bad anyway.

On 1/20/2010 9:29 AM, Louis Bryant wrote:
> Hi. I do have Talking writer with Talking Writer, Dragon Maze, Space
> Invaders, Music Game, Voice Control, ETC. I can mail you a copy, unless you
> have the time to show me what exactly I need to do to make disk images. HTH.
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>> I know this is a silly question for the moderator of a list to ask, but is
>> anyone actually still here who's interested in Apple II stuff? I'm looking
>> for a few software titles, and wondering if anyone has them. First is the
>> talking disk that says "Talking Disk" and has Talking Writer, Typing Game,
>> Dragon Maze, Space Invaders, Music Game, and Voice Control. I used to have
>> a
>> copy, but not any more. Also, does anyone have Type Talk by Lorin
>> Software?
>> I have a copy, but it has a bad sector. This program is copy protected,
>> but
>> there's a way to get around that for copying and/or imaging purposes. Are
>> there any collections you know of, where I can find disk images of talking
>> software, other than what I've published?
>> Thanks.
>> Jayson
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