[Blindapple] Another disk request, if anybody has this one

Jayson Smith ratguy at insightbb.com
Tue Feb 9 11:00:23 EST 2010

This is probably a pretty rare one, so I don't hold out much hope. But 
shortly after we got our first Apple IIe, someone sent us a copy of what 
appears to be a very old games disk. It has an old version of Textalker. 
Although it loads in the language card I'm pretty sure, it doesn't support 
the Cricket, has a slightly different speaking style, won't let you 
interrupt it, etc. Anyway, some of the games included on this disk were 
bingo, spelling game, bert-the-bartender, eliza, an Integer Basic version of 
Atom20, Applevision, siren, phaser, music generator, and a few others. I 
have a copy of this disk, but it has a few bad areas. If someone has a copy 
and can image it and send it to me, that would be wonderful!

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