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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Tue Feb 13 04:26:32 EST 2007


Since we're way off topic anyway, what about Linux?  I am responsible 
for a Debian server so keeping correct time is critical.  I have the 
ntp package installed (recommended if your clock drifts) but I don't 
think it takes timezones into account.  I remember having to reset 
the time last time the hardware was upgraded because it reverted to 
GMT.  Thanks very much for letting us know about this as I had no 
idea daylight savings had changed this year.

Keeping this slightly more on topic, I found a document on asimov for 
setting the Apple II clock card to daylight savings or some such 
after the year 2000 since apparently you can only preprogram a few 
time changes in advance because of memory limits on the card.  I can 
find it if anyone uses the Thunderclock card if I still have it.  You 
have to do some card reprogramming (hacking the card, basically) so 
not for the faint of heart.  Obviously that won't work under Dos 3.3.
Tony Baechler
Baechler Productions

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