[Blindapple] Hello

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 2 16:23:31 EDT 2005

Well hello everybody,
It's been a long time since anybody's posted anything here, so I just
thought I'd take this time to welcome a couple new subscribers to the list.
If you have any questions, comments or the like, feel free to jump right on
So has anybody here found anything new or nifty for the Apple, converted any
real disks to images so they can be shared with the rest of us, or anything?
I haven't really been doing much.  I did discover a wonderful find from a
friend who sent me several Apple disks.  It's a set of games for Prodos.
I'd put them up on my website but don't know if that would be legal.
Obviously since these were done in the late 80's there's no Email address
for the author and I suspect the physical address is probably way out of
The games are Trivia Talk, Jeopardy Talk, Password Talk and Fortune Talk by
Jeff Weiss.  If anybody has any contact info for him, I'd love to get in
touch and see if he would allow distribution of his games.  These programs
work better on a real Apple than they do under A2, the accessible Apple II+
emulator I've found.

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