[Blindapple] Domain name for the Blindapple site and list?

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Tue Aug 9 01:36:29 EDT 2005

Hi.  My vote is for blindapple.org.  I don't mind paying the difference or 
buying it outright.  One idea is that you could buy .net and I could buy 
.org.  The reason for both domains is to prevent highjacking.  Either way, 
we should hurry before they are taken.  Also there are lots of other 
registrars if one wants to shop around which might be cheaper.

I prefer .org for a couple of reasons.  First, .net is for networks.  If 
you were going to start the Blind Apple II users network, .net would make 
sense.  Yes, I realize that .org is for organizations, especially 
non-profit.  We are not one of those, but many free, open source groups use 
.org.  Look at debian.org, gentoo.org, apache.org, etc.  If you are ever 
really lucky one of these days, you might get a grant or something for 
running the site, all the more why I suggest .org.  Those are just my thoughts.

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