[Blindapple] Announced this list on C.S.A2

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Wed Aug 3 00:53:59 EDT 2005

Hi Jayson.  I will respond with more detail off list.  The simple answer is 
yes.  The only cost would be $10 to the registrar.  I prefer gkg.net.  The 
domain management services would be free.  I am willing to take over the 
list and disk library if that's what is decided but I don't really want to 
do that.  I am not running Mailman and I can't provide a web-based list 
interface.  I am not concerned about a copyright issue but this could 
eventually be a concern.  I am not in a position to deal with that right 
now.  Fortunately disk images and this list don't require a lot of 
bandwidth, but I don't really have a lot of that to spare right now 
either.  Therefore, I think that it would be better for all if Jayson hosts 
everything as it is now but with a domain name, but I am willing to do what 
the community wants.  If people think I'm just talking out of my hat, 
either I will again drop the issue and let it go or I'll start my own 
site.  I am not sure.  That isn't my preference, but I don't want to have 
the chance of a specific domain for blind Apple II users slip through my 
fingers.  They are so cheap now that it makes sense to grab at least one if 
not more.

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