[Blindapple] Doubletalk question

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 29 09:51:19 EST 2004

Kermit is, from what I can recall, somewhat accessible if you have
Textalker-GS.  Of course, this means you have to have a GS in the first
place.  I think the configuration program is quite accessible.  As I
outlined earlier, just before hitting Return to start a transfer, you want
to hit CTRL-E O to turn off Echo speech, otherwise you will get bombarded
with status messages as the transfer progresses, and since Textalker causes
everything else to come to a dead hault while it's speaking, that is not a
good thing at all.

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> Hi.  I have Kermit disk images I think, but I would be surprised if they
> talk.  My limited experience with modem programs is that most of them
> talk unless either they are written in Applesoft (and even then they might
> not work) or if they are especially written for the blind.  However, I
> had a couple that I tried and I didn't have ProTerm or similar in those
> days.  I have a couple of BBS programs in disk image form too I think if
> anyone wants them.
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