[Blindapple] Upcoming Downtime

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 28 01:52:58 EST 2004

I just wanted to let everybody know that I received a computer for Christmas
which I will be putting to use as an upgraded Linux box.  This mailing list
is running on my Linux box.  Tomorrow, assuming somebody sighted comes over,
I will have them move the hard drive from my current Linux system to the new
system.  The partitions and filesystems on the new system are all set up so
all I have to do is copy everything over.  For this reason, there will
definitely be some downtime, and I have no idea at what time it will start
and how long it will last but hopefully it won't be too long.  If all goes
well, everything will be back up soon and nobody will even notice that
there's been a change.  While the machine is down, nobody will be able to
post to this list, visit the disk library or do anything else related to
this list, the disk library, or any other things hosted at my site.

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