[Blindapple] Doubletalk LT

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Dec 6 10:04:33 EST 2004

Hello.  Do you have version 1.0 of Textalker?  The oldest version I've 
found is 1.3 from 1981.  I would be interested in earlier versions for 
historical interest.  I did use a very old version which lacked line review 
commands.  Because I couldn't review the screen, I have no idea what 
version it was.  That particular version was not mine though so I don't 
have it.

Also, what about 2.x?  I am aware of 1.3 as I mentioned and various 3.1.x 
versions, but I've never seen a version 2.x or 3.0.  I have 3.1.1 through 
3.1.3 and the 1.3 version but no others.  Also, I am still very interested 
in Textalker for Pascal since I have both Apple Pascal versions 1.0 and 1.1 
as well as UCSD Pascal.

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