[DECtalk] The deception continues

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Snoopi is right. I remember Martha saying, in essence, that Dectalk versions
sound the same. No, they don't. I would only support a quality product. As
Lucky Strike commercials said in the 1940's long before my time, "Quality of
product is essential to continuing success". With that said, Ed's sample
that was posted a few weeks ago to this list is a step in the right
P.S. The above quote came from Lucky Strike old-time radio shows such as
Jack Benny's. I've heard that line so many times on OTR cassettes that I
memorized it.


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Hey, a bad product is a bad product.  Being I was helping with it, my
reputation was on the line.  I wasn't about to sit back and watch people buy
garbage, neither was Blake or Dave.  And now that I am fired, let me say
that Martha can't tell version 4.3 from 4.0 and Blake and I both could never
get over that.  I might write on my Facebook about it now that I'm not an
employee any more.
I'm working on a project involving the speak window.  I'm in New York and
I'm quickly gaining interest in Dectalk 4.40.  It's public domain, so things
could get interesting.  Keep a watch for a Dectalk fad because I'm about to
create one.
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Gosh, that's harsh. I've sort of lost interest in the project. I'll try
anything that comes out since Dectalk is one of the synths on the side for
me. Whether it's good or bad really won't kill me, but Dectalk is still a
nice synth and a Sapi reincarnation of it is very exciting, and I can
certainly see how we can be so disappointed by the results so far. I know
it's complicated though, given the lack of sourcecode and knowledge, which
is why I'm still at least ready to hear about other things that are going
Personally I think they should've gotten at least a little more educated
with versions and such before they started making these promises left and
right. I don't really see the complexity as an excuse to release something
in three months that barely works well enough to meet the very basic needs
of the average user, and not those who have grown used to it over the past
twenty to thirty years. If it had been an alpha release, I'd have a better
attitude. But since then, we've gotten little to no feedback from them
except the firing of probably one of the most knowledgeable Dectalkists they
could've had. I don't really think that's going to raise the reputation of
the company.
I know how eager they probably were to get it out, I would be too. But I'd
still be a little nicer than firing someone without saying, or giving a
legitimate reason.
I'm just trying to criticize here. I have nothing against Enable's work
ethic, although I'm probably not planning on contributing to it if that's
how I'm going to be addressed. Now if there was a reason for it, that's a
different story. But I can't imagine what snoopy would've done that he
didn't feel was helping the project. Given how he was treated, I would've
just left awhile ago, but when things settled down it did look promising.
Just my two cents on the attitude of this thing. I'm still looking forward
to a more positive outlook...

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This is funny to me.  After Corine posted that I would be doing the
dictionary for the new Dectalk SAPI, I just found out today that I was fired
from Enable Rehab a month or 2 ago and I didn't even know it.  (NICE)
Oh well.  I'm kind of glad anyway.


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