[DECtalk] How about a competition?

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Tue Dec 18 08:33:38 EST 2007


1. I disagree with you.  I know that there are Linux and Windows players 
that play the ogg format.  Winamp comes to mind on Windows and probably 
MPlayer or some such works on Linux.  I know of no standard way to play 
WMA files.  I'm sure there are Linux players but there is no public 
standard on which WMA players can be built.  In other words, Microsoft 
doesn't openly publish the WMA format specs.  I would prefer wave files 
myself but they're impractical to download because of size.  A good 
alternative is FLAC, especially for files five minutes or less.  My next 
choice would be mp3 because it is a standard and almost anything can 
play it.

2. The copyright rule stands and will not be debated.  I will not break 
the law by hosting illegal material on a public site, period.  The point 
is to create something original with DEC-talk, not rip off an already 
existing song.  If people really have no idea what to do, look for 
public domain music.  There are a good number of PD music sites out 
there.  One that immediately comes to mind is this:  
http://www.pdmusic.org/  Also, Project Gutenberg has lyrics to many folk 
songs and ballads now in the public domain.

3. I am not judging anything.  I am simply overseeing and hosting the 
files.  If judges would rather vote for the most creative work as 
opposed to the best use of DEC-talk, that's up to them.  My thinking is 
that the contest should be a bit of both, judging based on what is most 
creatively done and who has the best DEC-talk skills.  However, I 
realize and expect that most people submitting will be creating 
something with DEC-talk for the first time.  That's kind of the point, 
to get people to try something new.  If prizes are donated, they might 
win something.  As I said, my inspiration came from the annual IF 
competition.  Look at that site for their rules, although this would be 
different because we are not dealing with text works.  
http://ifcomp.org/  Obviously, a two hour file would be way too long, so 
the rule from the IF competition about games being no longer than two 
hours to finish doesn't apply.

I'm open to debate about the text files.  Since all files would be kept 
by me until the deadline for entries, I don't see how people would copy 
each other but I'm willing to reconsider this if other people disagree.  
Text files are optional anyway, and obviously impossible if you want 
your file to be stereo or have multiple voices.  All files would be 
uploaded to a private ftp account or sent as email attachments up until 
the submission deadline.  At that time, I would put up a web page with 
download links for the entries.  Therefore, unless an author tells the 
world what their entry is, I don't really see how everyone would copy 
everyone else unless everyone has the exact same idea.

Dectalk at aol.com wrote:
> * I love your idea but I have 2 problems. *
> * * 
> * 1.  An OGG file is not standard.  I work with OGG for my job and it 
> is a total pain because not many players play that format.  I thought 
> WMA was standard because everything I have will play WMA files. *
> * * 
> * 2.  I don't think copy right stuff should be left out.  I myself can 
> easily make stuff up, but not everyone can.  Plus I myself don't have 
> time.  Plus, are you judging Dectalk skills or are you judging 
> creativity?  If you are judging Dectalk skills, people should be 
> familiar with what they are judging.  If your judging creativity, what 
> is the point of limiting it to just Dectalk? *
> * * 
> * Here's my idea.  Pick a song that everyone knows, and see who can do 
> it the best.  No text files allowed so that we can't copy each other. 
> *
> * * 
>   * *

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