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I haven't done this kind of thing, but the [:flush] command seems to do what you want. Here's the description from the manual, which
can be found at:
Look at the communic.txt file.

COMMAND:                              [:Flush XX DD]
       ALl :  Flush all text. (see the flush_text TSR command above)
       Until : Flush until the specified index mark is found.
       Mask : Flush until mask and index bit coincide.
       AFter : Flush all text after index mark.
       Speech : Flush all speaking but continues to process
commands. This mode is ended by the enable ([:enable]) command.
PARAMETERS (DD):                      Index mark value or mask
DEFAULT:                              None
EXAMPLES:                             [:flush after 193]
This  command allows speech to be discarded. All pending but unspoken
text is lost, including index markers that may have been sent by  the
PC. This  command stops speech, even if DECtalk is  in the middle  of
a sentence. Speech stops and all internal buffers are re-initialized.
The flush command is asynchronous.
Note: If a Ctrl K is used to flush text while in phonemic mode,   the text  will  be  flushed but it may result in an  "error  in
phoneme" message.


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I'm writing some software that uses a Dectalk Express (from around
1996) to help people explore graphs.  My problem is I can't find any
command that will flush the buffer, i.e., get the Dectalk to discard
everything in the queue (text I've already sent, but has not yet been
spoken), then continue accepting and speaking as before.  Getting the
thing to shut up is very important - can anyone help?


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