[DECtalk] flush command

Andy Brown andrew.brown at cs.man.ac.uk
Thu May 25 10:53:35 EDT 2006

Thanks.  That kind of works, in that it does clear the buffer.  However,
whenever I send this command the next three characters sent are lost.  A
workaround of just sending 3 random characters after the Ctrl-C kind of
works, unless a few clears are sent in a row, in which case multiple
sets of 3 characters are lost.  This results in parts of commands being
spoken (like [:Index Reply 3], where I get "dex Reply 3" or " Reply 3")
- not desirable! Is there a clean way of starting speech again?  I tried
Ctrl-A and Ctrl-B with no luck.


[PS. Sent from wrong email last time, sorry!]

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