[DECtalk] New SAPI5 DECtalks

Blake Roberts BEarlRoberts at aol.com
Sat Dec 17 14:23:30 EST 2022

Jake: Thank you for creating the two new DECTalk SAPI5 versions. I 
noticed something unexpected when using the DECTalk 4.99 SAPI5 with 
NVDA. When I load a song file, it can change voices but not sing. I was 
surprised because of Jake's message below stating it is possible to send 
DECTalk commands to the DECTalk SAPI5.

I only hear "command error in phoneme". When I load the DECTalk 4.60 
NVDA driver created earlier this year, the NVDA-specific DECTalk driver 
can sing.  I have not changed send punctuation marks to synthesizer 
settings since making the necessary changes months ago enabling the 
DECTalk 4.60 NVDA driver to sing.


On 12/15/2022 11:30 PM, Jake Gross wrote:
> Hi,
> A while back, I developed a new SAPI5 Interface for DECtalk. This new 
> interface is generally more responsive than the SAPI5 DECtalk 
> interface that we had for years, and it doesn’t do any special text 
> processing. In other words, you can send DECtalk commands just like 
> you would in the speak windows, that is if the application you are 
> using doesn’t do any of it’s own text filtering. The downside to this 
> new interface is that it doesn’t send word or sentence events back to 
> the application.
> I have compiled both DECtalk 4.99 
> <https://keybase.pub/datajake1999/Grossgang/tts/DECtalk%204.99/DECtalk%204.99%20SAPI5%20New.exe> 
> and 4.60 NWS 
> <https://keybase.pub/datajake1999/Grossgang/tts/sapi_voices/DECtalk%20NWS%20SAPI5.exe> 
> with this new interface.
> I hope you enjoy these new SAPI5 DECtalks!
> Jake
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