[DECtalk] Fw: Looking for a home for a couple of serial synths

Tom Kopec w1pf at comcast.net
Thu Sep 9 06:08:26 EDT 2021

A DECTalk Express should power-up OK on external power with a 
dead/missing battery.

The battery uses 600mAh prismatic ni-cad cells, which are very difficult 
to find.. I don't think they are in current production.
I have seen some Chinese NiMH cells that might sort-of work, but the 
charger circuitry is not compatible with NiMH cells.

There isn't a lot of room in there to hack in another solution. With 
significant hacking it is might be possible to convert to a lithium 
battery, but that's not plug-and-play.

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> Subject: [DECtalk] Fw: Looking for a home for a couple of serial
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> From: "Keith Wessel" <keith at wessel.com>
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> Subject: Looking for a home for a couple of serial synths
> Hi, all,
> I hope this isn't off-topic, but I know there are a lot of hardware synth
> enthusiasts on this list, and I've got two that I'd rather find homes for
> than send to electronics recycling.
> Those of you on the brltty list saw my post a couple weeks ago about looking
> for a new home for a serial braille display. My cleaning has now lead me to
> two serial synths, both of which I'd be happy to let anyone have for the
> cost of shipping.
> One is a Doubletalk LT (speakup_synth=ltlk). This was the Doubletalk that
> could either be run off of a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter. It has a
> hard-wired cable that goes to a DB9 serial plug. It's in perfect working
> condition, and I have the AC adapter that I'll include.
> The other needs a little work. It's a DECTalk express, complete with case,
> AC adapter, serial cable, and headphones. However, it won't power up
> presumably because the internal battery needs to be replaced. Anyone handy
> with a soldering iron should be able to tackle this, and last I checked the
> battery was a type that's available from Batteries Plus and various on-line
> sources.
> I have no need for either of these any more since I no longer have a desktop
> with a serial port. If you're interested in either of these, email me
> off-list at keith at wessel.com.
> Thanks,
> Keith

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