[DECtalk] 4Second Delay after Typing?

Chime Hart chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sat Nov 28 21:43:09 EST 2020

Hi All: Well, I may be an only one useing a DecTalk U S B in Linux, on 
this list. Its also possible I tried asking this some months ago. Anyway, 
sometimes after rebooting with a difference in hard-drives, I have an 
anoying 4 second delay after typing. No amount of searching has turned up 
an answer in how to fix this? Sometimes it just works normally after 
another reboot. Some say its an IO issue, as I must run in an rs232 mode, 
because no1 has written any usb DecTalk drivers in Linux. I sure hope some 
of you please have some suggestions in how to correct this. For the record 
I am running Speakup as a screen-reader. Thanks so much in advance for 
any-and-all suggestions

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