[DECtalk] Rare version of IBM ViaVoice

mattias jonsson mj at mjw.se
Sun Nov 15 05:58:47 EST 2020

jake how to use swedish?

Den 15 november 2020 11:50:50 skrev Jake Gross <datajake at gmail.com>:

One of my friends found a rather interesting version of IBM ViaVoice
TTS, and I made an installer for it. This version has Concatenative
voices at 8 kHZ, as well as the original formant voices.
As far as languages go, you have all of your standard languages, but
this version also includes Cantonese, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish,
although those languages can't directly be used with SAPI4.
I have uploaded 2 installers to the old_software_synths folder of my
server. The file named viavoice6732l.exe only includes the formant
voices, and the file named viavoice6732.7z includes all voices. The
reason the full version is a 7Z is because InnoSetup can't compile a
single executable that is over 2 GB, so the installer is split into 3
These voices can also be used with NVDA with a custom addon, but we
haven't released it yet. We are still trying to fix a few bugs.
I would also like to add that Finish and SAPI support wasn't in the
original version that we found. I took the finish voice data and SAPI
DLL from HomePage Reader to make this  a more complete installation.
I hope you enjoy our find.
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