[DECtalk] research paper about speech synthesis

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Mon Nov 2 00:03:18 EST 2020

Hello everyone, 
I came across a multi-chapter report on speech synthesis. It might be a thesis or research paper, I'm not certain. Since Appendix B about available speech synthesis products references Windows 3.1 and 95, I surmise the entire report was probably put together in the 1990's. Although the web site hosting the report is apparently in Finland according to the domain's .fi extension, the speech synthesis report is in English. Here is a link to the Table of Contents. 
In particular, I suggest reading: 
Chapter 2: "History and Development of Speech Synthesis", 
Chapter 3: "Phonetics and Theory of Speech Production", 
Chapter 4: "Problems in Speech Synthesis", 
Chapter 5: "Methods, Techniques, and Algarithms". 
Happy reading! 
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