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Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Fri Dec 11 23:06:09 EST 2020

Thank you Chime for the feedback. I have good news! I contacted ReadTheWords to see if they would allow me to distribute RTW audio of my blog articles. I was told that distribution is allowed as long as no commercial purpose. Apparently, I had misunderstood the RTW terms of service I read years ago. It looks like I found an online TTS service to meet my text-to-audio need. 

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Well Blake, I wish this would work for both of us in different ways. There 
is or was a news aggregator called "digital journal" which had wire copy 
as well as an audio link to play an mp3 through readspeaker which seems to 
use an ivona voice. Some of us have been asking them to release Linux 
voices, but not sure much has happened? 
Now, I just tried to currently find digital journal, but in 2 Linux 
browsers, no luck, but 
still works. Hope some of this helps. 

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