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Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Thu Dec 10 19:56:46 EST 2020

I have a TTS question which is not about Dectalk. Does anyone know of an online text-to-audio TTS service which allows distribution of the produced audio? 
For a number of years, I have provided TTS of my blog articles. When Innoetics had a TTS conversion service, I used it to make audio of my blog texts. When Innoetics online services were shut down a few years ago, I began using Text2Speech 
Generated audio can, per the text2speech home page, be used for any purpose. I don't like the voice quality. I think the service uses Festival TTS. I know there are other online TTS services such as ReadThe Words 
It is my understanding that although ReadTheWords is free, distribution of audio files is prohibited. I'm trying to find an alternative to text2speech.org which allows distribution of generated TTS audio. I would not want to violate terms of service of any text-to-audio TTS service, which is why I ask here. I use ESpeak with Balabolka for Windows when my blogs exceed the character limit of text2speech.org. But again, I'm not overly impressed with quality of ESpeak voices. Any advice would be appreciated. 
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