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You did a great job on the production. I enjoyed it.

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Hello, everyone.

How many of you here are Wizard of Oz fans? I am, for one. In my senior 
year of high school, I joined tech theatre when I learned that we were 
going to be doing that very same musical. I managed the soundboard and 
designed sound effects next to the folks who did the lighting. Anyhow, 
hearing the piano rehearsal and the full orchestral dress rehearsal made 
me feel more impassioned to find the full score for both. I wasn't able 
to find it until October of 2018. So, having previously made a folder 
called The Mix, which is just a set of files each containing the Windows 
2000 ding at different pitches, I used my DAW to cut, copy, paste and 
mix, as well as use fades to make sure the chords didn't clash into one 
another. This has become one of my favourite hobbies for a little over a 

I took a previous version of the song I had originally coded with 
Eloquence and raised the pitch significantly. Then I combined it with 
the file. So, here it is, enjoy!

Heavenly Harmony
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