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Well I guess we are safe because that rodger dudly person from speech-fx-inc claims that sapi5 decTalk does not exist. But yet he says he owns everything from text to assist up to whatever the current version of decTalk is. Copyright is just a broken mess I think and it has to be overhauled. 


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The Dectalk SAPI included in the Dectalk Reader 1 package on TheFlameOfHope is 4.64 with the utilities which were included with the Dectalk Reader 1 which had been for sale with Dectalk 4.61 from Enable Rehab company. So, the "original" Dectalk Reader 1 package did to my knowledge include Dectalk 4.61 as the SAPI for sale. Due to the fact that I left Enable's Dectalk project years ago for reason I need not go into here, I have no idea if the Dectalk 4.61 is still sold anywhere online. I am guessing not. Have you downloaded the Dectalk Reader 1 disk image from Jake Gross's site?
 I have not downloaded or installed it because I cannot stand Dectalk 4.61 myself. But perhaps the package I linked to above might have the Dectalk 4.61 SAPI you are seeking.

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I was discussing the DecTalk Reader 1 with another list member and
they told me that the version of DecTalk it has is 4.61. However,
while this is correct, the SAPI5 is 4.6.4.

Is it possible to get, or was there, a SAPI version of DecTalk 4.6.1
at one time?

As mentioned before, the SAPI in this package doesn't appear to be
4.61 and that's one of my favorite ones besides 4.3 and 4.4.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to any assistance
you are willing to provide.



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