[DECtalk] Two questions about DECtalk Express

Aksel Leo Christoffersen aksel at blindsigtmail.dk
Sat Aug 3 06:52:16 EDT 2019

I use it on ac-power, since the battery doesn't work anymore. I just thought
it could be nice to use it with a battery, oso it didn't need to be
connected to AC-power all the time.

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Aksel Christoffersen

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Emne: Re: [DECtalk] Two questions about DECtalk Express

I'll try to dig up a DECTalk Express to try that song on; I'm in the 
middle of a move so mine might be packed.

I don't know of a source for a replacement battery pack. Sanyo stopped 
making those cells long ago, and I don't know of any other supplier.

It makes things a bit clunky, but you can run the unit on external 12V 
with no internal battery. You can get fairly small external 12V 
rechargeable packs in the US$25 range. You might have to make up an 
adapter cable to fit the power jack on the unit.

I'd disconnect the internal battery if you do this, otherwise the unit 
will waste external power trying to charge a battery that will never get 


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