[DECtalk] A DECtalk song I've made... again

Brandon Tyson brandongold98 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 20:48:51 EDT 2019


I'm listening to the 4.6.2 version and it sounds like the DecTalk 5.0
that's available for NVDA. Are they the same?

Is there somewhere where I can hear the 4.6.2 in more detail?

I have to say that the song sounds much better in the 4.6.2 version
because its pitches are matching with the music.



On 8/1/19, Blake Roberts <beroberts at hughes.net> wrote:
> Aksel,
> I thought your dectalk 4.62 version of this song was interesting, mostly
> because that version of Dectalk sounds like it has a cold. I prefer 4.3 and
> 4.4 myself. Thank you for sharing this for comparison with the Dectalk 4.3
> version.
> Blake
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> Subject: [DECtalk] A DECtalk song I've made... again
> Hi, Some time ago, I posted a DECtalk song I’ve made on this list called
> This Is My Life, made by the danish band Gasolin’. Now, I’ve made the song
> with DECtalk 4.6.2. I choose to make it with this version, because it sounds
> so different from DECtalk 4.3, that I normaly use for my DECtalk songs.
> Also, it’s tuned a little bit down from DECtalk 4.3, so it fits well with
> the music. The voice it self is terrible however. First, for comparison,
> here’s a link again to the old DECtalk 4.3
> version:https://www.dropbox.com/s/xq61xpm3vfjo07b/DECtalk%20Sings%20-%20This%20Is%20My%20Life%20by%20Gasolin%27.wav?dl=1
> And here’s a link to the new version with DECtalk
> 4.6.2:https://www.dropbox.com/s/aydad81bea65n7z/DECtalk%204.6.2%20Sings%20-%20This%20Is%20My%20Life%20by%20Gasolin%27.wav?dl=1
> I used the exact same text as for the 4.3 version, except i changed the ”l”,
> phoneme to the ”ll”, phoneme. I look forward to hear your upinions. Best
> regards:Aksel Christoffersen

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