[DECtalk] Two questions about DECtalk Express

Aksel Leo Christoffersen aksel at blindsigtmail.dk
Thu Aug 1 17:49:41 EDT 2019



I have two questions about the DECtalk Express, that I hope someone on this
list can answer.


First, I've got a strange sound problem with my DECtalk Express. It has been
there since I got the unit. When I make the DECtalk sing, there's a strange
crackling sound in some of the higher notes, specialy when I'm using Kit The
Kid. Do anyone on the list, who has a DECtalk Express, know, if this is
normal or not. I've tested the same text on DECtalk 4.3 Speak Window, and it
sounds just fine.


Here's a sample of the DECtalk Express singing the notes, and the problem



Here is a recording of the same text send through DECtalk 4.3 Speak Window:



Here's the textfile I used, so I hope maybe someone can try it out with a
DECtalk Express, and tell me if it's normal or not:



My other question is:

Is possible to somewhere get a replacement battery for a DECtalk Express?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen

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