[DECtalk] a Dectalk song I found

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Wed Apr 24 17:27:58 EDT 2019

I was recently doing an online search and came across a Dectalk song on AudioBoom which was created years ago by someone named Alex WestPhal. Based on a linked-to domain no longer available which is listed on  his Audioboom profile, he lived in Germany at the time. I am sharing the link in case the author happens to be on this list. I am very impressed with his first effort with Dectalk singing. Alex did a fantastic job in my opinion. Sure, a few of the Dectalk phonetics sound incorrect to me. However, that is fine considering that it was his first attempt and English might not be his first language. Again, I am very impressed! Here is a link to the Dectalk song created by Mr. WestPhal. Alex chose to sing using a female. That helps me distinguish this version from the version by Snoopi of the same song. Alex chose female, and snoopi's version  uses a male Dectalk voice. I can tell that Alex created his own Dectalk text file due to different phonemes used in some places.
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