[DECtalk] DECtalk txt's that are not songs

Luis Carlos González Morales luiscarlosgm at hotmail.es
Sun May 29 21:05:59 EDT 2016

Hello here from Panama.
My name is Luis Carlos and I'm glad to meet you.
Since I'm Panamanian I will bi or be sorry for my english, because I'm 
not american, I speak spanish!
OK, that I want to say to say.
Are here any DECtalk TXT files that are not songs, EG: Talking, like, 
for example the adaptation of the Red Dwarf series whitch unfortunately 
I've seen throw temporade in spanish seazon or season 6, and others like 
the adaptation of the application file for Jaws, as an example, to tell you?
I want allso like if you have thos files can you give to me?
I'm sorry for ask you or may be, Oh, what I'm I saying.
Ok, thanks in advance.

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