[DECtalk] entering lyrics and switching between tracks in a multitrack midi file in vocaloid

jake mcmahan mcmahan.jake at gmail.com
Thu May 19 21:28:14 EDT 2016

Hello everybod!
Jake McMahan here.  For those of you who may remember, some of us 
learned to use vocaloid even though we are blind to enter lyrics into a 
single track, then combine tracks with a sound editing program thanks to 
Garcia.  So, with that in mind, I was doing some experimenting with 
vocaloid 4 and jaws.  What I discovered was, using the jaws cursor, I 
could switch between all of my three tracks in one midi file with a few 
steps.  Onse I got to the track I wanted, I was then able to right 
click, change the singer for the selected trach, left click it two times 
and end up in the musical editor for that selected track.
Let's say for example, I have three tracks.  I want my first singer to 
be Cyber Diva.  I would go to the track editor by pressing control tab 
once.  Then I would root jaws cursor to PC cursor, find the track I 
want, which is clearly labeled, and find where it shows part of the 
singer's name.  I would right click his or her name, go to active 
singer, select her, and double click on the name with the left button.  
It will pop up a dialog, close it and continue.  Now we are in the 
musical editor for the selected track.  Select all parts, then enter 
lyrics.  Reffer to garcia's instructions if you have them.  Repeat this 
for all the tracks until you have them the way you want them.
Note, this has only been tested with jaws.

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