[DECtalk] ?Anyone Know Where To Find Monologue

Alex alex16293 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 01:06:06 EDT 2016

excellent! Me and Jake are not limited to just SAPI synths, so we can 
just use the (I think included) standalone program that comes with it. A 
few examples of standalone programs that we use include DECtalk 4.62, 
5.0r2 and r3, AnologX SayIt, SP0256 (a.k.a. ChipTalk), WinSpeech, and DR 
SBAITTSO's ".read filename.txt" command to have DR. SBAITTSO (using the 
SmoothTalker synth by FirstByte) read text files using DOSBox. Even if 
it only has US English support, we will accept that too, because this is 
another completely unique synth that is not another re-branded rip off, 
which is nearly impossible to find these days.

On 4/11/2016 11:45 PM, jake mcmahan wrote:
> Ok, here it is.  The official monologue97 file.
> This works with sapi, but only if you get it registered somehow. I 
> don't know how, so that is still to be found out.  However, you can 
> still play with it and select tesxt in a notepad or something, and go 
> click on the icon and it will read it.  If it comes up with text 
> selection error, just say yes, and set the slider higher. you can also 
> go into the settings and play around with the voices.  It's got more 
> than 10 or so different voice fonts.  Note, this will not work on 
> 64bit systems.
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5648546/Monologue97.rar
> Treasure hunt is over.  As I said, I was 15 when I first started 
> looking for this.  I'm 26 now.
> enjoy
> On 4/8/2016 1:49 AM, Alex wrote:
>> Hi, I recently heard about this thing called Monologue, a speech 
>> synthesizer for SAPI4. No, I am not talking about the one that sounds 
>> like DoubleTalk, I'm talking about the one that sounds like, 
>> according to one person, Eloquence 3 on steroids. It also supported 
>> not just US English, but also (I think), UK English, Spanish, German, 
>> French and Italian. So, does anyone happen to have this file anywhere 
>> on their local storage media or can you all try and contact friends 
>> who are not even on this list to try and find said file?
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