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Yes, I have tried Ivona and the Orphius voice. Orphius, like the
others, has a sort of draggy sound. As far as I saw, Ivona was all
right but it's the sluggishness factor. I know I have to pick one.
See, other than the  clicking with Eloquence on fast speeds, I love
it, but it's illegal with NVDA unless I purchase something called
PNVDA, which I don't think is done by NV Access.
I really appreciate the assistance you are giving me. I am hoping that
by answering questions from you and asking questions I will eventually
find something to stick to. Thank you very much again, I really
appreciate it. Are there voices that are maybe of a lower quality? I
know that sounds interesting, but maybe part of my problem is that
they sound too real to me. I had a conversation about low quality
audio with somebody yesterday and I told them I felt bad because I
liked lower quality audio. They said not to feel bad about this. So
maybe it's the same for this.


On 8/29/14, Blake Roberts via Dectalk <dectalk at bluegrasspals.com> wrote:
> Brandon,
> Although I use Eloquence as my primary synth in Jaws, Ivona voices are a
> close second. They are my primary voices within NVDA. Voices from Ivona are
> not free but you can trial each voice for 30 days before purchase is
> required. I prefer slow speeds so I'm not sure how Ivona sounds at fast
> rates. I use Ivona voices because all of the voices sound very natural.
> Have you tried the Orpheus synth? I purchased Orpheus but don't use it
> anymore because those voices are too fast for my liking. Like Ivona, you
> can
> trial Orpheus for 30 days before purchase is required. The difference is
> with Orpheus you receive all voices, whereas Ivona voices are downloaded
> one
> voice at a time.
> Blake
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> Hello,
> I have been looking at Sapi 4 and Sapi 5 voices today. Also, I have
> been looking at Speech Player. I am familiar with a lot of voices,
> including Acapela, Eloquence, DecTalk, Microsoft voices like Sam, the
> LH synthesizer, the Digalo voices, Infovox 230 and 330, eSpeak,
> Neospeech and others. Here is my problem. I have been majorly
> investigating voices for years. I guess the main problem is that all
> of the voices do something that I don't like. Eloquence makes a
> clicking sound when it goes really fast. I have trouble understanding
> DecTalk when it goes really fast. The Acapela voices are, in my
> opinion, too hard to use as a primary voice. I have thought about
> Infovox 230 and 330, but I cant do anything legally except use the
> trial. Also, I can't use Eloquence legally with NVDA. The Digalo
> voices are hard to understand when speaking long amounts of text
> because they stop reading for a few seconds in the middle of a
> sentence. The Microsoft voices are ok, but again, the way that they
> read is hard for me to get used to. ESpeak sometimes is hard for me
> because when it goes fast, I hear this sort of interesting sound in
> the middle of the speech. The LH voices are hard because, well, I
> unfortunately can't explain it. Do you mind if I please ask, what
> synthesizer do you use primarily, the reasons you use it, what is good
> about it, and what is not as good please? I am hoping that, with input
> and suggestions, I can hopefully find something that I will be able to
> use primarily.
> Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to any assistance
> you are willing to provide
> .Sincerely,
> Brandon Tyson
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