[DECtalk] a decent speech synthesizer for primary use

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Although I use Eloquence as my primary synth in Jaws, Ivona voices are a
close second. They are my primary voices within NVDA. Voices from Ivona are
not free but you can trial each voice for 30 days before purchase is
required. I prefer slow speeds so I'm not sure how Ivona sounds at fast
rates. I use Ivona voices because all of the voices sound very natural.

Have you tried the Orpheus synth? I purchased Orpheus but don't use it
anymore because those voices are too fast for my liking. Like Ivona, you can
trial Orpheus for 30 days before purchase is required. The difference is
with Orpheus you receive all voices, whereas Ivona voices are downloaded one
voice at a time.

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I have been looking at Sapi 4 and Sapi 5 voices today. Also, I have
been looking at Speech Player. I am familiar with a lot of voices,
including Acapela, Eloquence, DecTalk, Microsoft voices like Sam, the
LH synthesizer, the Digalo voices, Infovox 230 and 330, eSpeak,
Neospeech and others. Here is my problem. I have been majorly
investigating voices for years. I guess the main problem is that all
of the voices do something that I don't like. Eloquence makes a
clicking sound when it goes really fast. I have trouble understanding
DecTalk when it goes really fast. The Acapela voices are, in my
opinion, too hard to use as a primary voice. I have thought about
Infovox 230 and 330, but I cant do anything legally except use the
trial. Also, I can't use Eloquence legally with NVDA. The Digalo
voices are hard to understand when speaking long amounts of text
because they stop reading for a few seconds in the middle of a
sentence. The Microsoft voices are ok, but again, the way that they
read is hard for me to get used to. ESpeak sometimes is hard for me
because when it goes fast, I hear this sort of interesting sound in
the middle of the speech. The LH voices are hard because, well, I
unfortunately can't explain it. Do you mind if I please ask, what
synthesizer do you use primarily, the reasons you use it, what is good
about it, and what is not as good please? I am hoping that, with input
and suggestions, I can hopefully find something that I will be able to
use primarily.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to any assistance
you are willing to provide


Brandon Tyson
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