[DECtalk] Bohemian Rhapsody 2

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All, Criticizing/complaining about other members in a completely negative
fashion is not courteous. Each person is entitled to his/her own opinion,
but tearing down each other is not what this list is about. Having been a
member of this list for 7 years, I have always considered the purpose to be
about helping others regarding Dectalk through our shared

Snoopi programs Dectalk one line per verse/chorus because of word wrap over
which he has no control. Regarding the comments that he is out-of-tune/out
of time, that is opinion only. He strives to do the best he can when
programming and mixing Dectalk. I think that can be said of us all. Let's
each try to communicate in a more positive and respectful manner.

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I also like writing stuff for my songs on separate lines not on one long 

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