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Alfredo's Desktop computer birdlover2002 at hotmail.com
Sun May 12 13:56:51 EDT 2013

I wrote the first and third songs and demoed the second and fourths, and 
instructions are below.
‵vf₀ ‵vs60 ‵vb48 Ha ‵vb58 ha ‵vs30 ‵vb62 ha, ‵vs60 ‵vb59 Hoh ‵vb62 hoh 
‵vs30 ‵vb52 hoh, ‵vs65 ‵vb48 and ‵vb48 a ‵vb48 cup ‵vb48 oal ‵vb48 of 
‵vb58 trah ‵vb62 lah ‵vs30 ‵vb58 laz, ‵vs60 ‵vb62 that's ‵vs45 ‵vb48 how 
‵vb60 ‵vb48 we ‵vb62 laugh ‵vb72 the ‵vb66 day ‵vb70 a ‵vb72 way ‵vb58 
in ‵vb58 the ‵vb58 merry ‵vb58 old ‵vb60 land ‵vb52 of ‵vs60 ‵vb48 oz.
‵vf₀ ‵vs30 ‵vb62 carve ‵vs10 ‵vb66 the ‵vs30 ‵vb70 tur ‵vs15 ‵vb62 key 
‵vs30 ‵vb62 carve ‵vs10 ‵vb66 the ‵vs30 ‵vb70 tur ‵vs30 ‵vb62 key ‵vb70 
bruh ‵vb72 ther ‵vs15 ‵vb75 John ‵vs30 ‵vb70 bruh ‵vb72 ther ‵vs10 ‵vb75 
John. ‵vs30 ‵vb75 first ‵vb78 we ‵vb75 say ‵vb72 the ‵vb70 bleh ‵vb62 
sing ‵vs30 ‵vb75 then ‵vb78 we ‵vb75 eat ‵vb72 the ‵vb70 dreh ‵vb62 sing 
‵vb62 yum ‵vb52 yum ‵vs10 ‵vb62 yum ‵vs30 ‵vb62 yum ‵vb52 yum ‵vs10 
‵vb62 yum.
‵vf₀ ‵vs30 ‵vb62 carve ‵vs10 ‵vb66 the ‵vs30 ‵vb70 jaw ‵vs15 ‵vb62 on 
‵vs30 ‵vb62 carve ‵vs10 ‵vb66 the ‵vs30 ‵vb70 jaw ‵vs30 ‵vb62 on ‵vb70 
bruh ‵vb72 ther ‵vs15 ‵vb75 turkey ‵vs30 ‵vb70 bruh ‵vb72 ther ‵vs10 
‵vb75 turkey ‵vs30 ‵vb75 first ‵vb78 we ‵vb75 say ‵vb72 the ‵vb70 dreh 
‵vb62 sing ‵vs30 ‵vb75 then ‵vb78 we ‵vb75 eat ‵vb72 the ‵vb70 bleh 
‵vb62 sing ‵vb62 yuck ‵vb52 yuck ‵vs10 ‵vb62 yuck ‵vs30 ‵vb62 yuck ‵vb52 
yuck ‵vs10 ‵vb62 yuck ‵vs60 ‵vb75 Hap ‵vb78 pee ‵vb81 thanks ‵vb83 giv 
‵vb62 ving!
‵vf₀ ‵vs50 ‵vb71 when ‵vb74 all ‵vb66 the ‵vs25 ‵vb71 world ‵vb62 is 
‵vb66 a ‵vs15 ‵vb68 hopeless jum ‵vb71 boal,
‵vs50 ‵vb62 and the ‵vs25 ‵vb66 raindrops tum ‵vb71 boal ‵vb57 all ‵vb58 
a ‵vs0 ‵vb62 round,
‵vs15 ‵vb66 heh ‵vs5 vun ‵vs20 oh ‵vb71 puns ‵vb68 a ‵vb66 maj ‵vb62 ic 
‵vs0 ‵vb58 lane.
‵vf₀ ‵vs50 ‵vb71 when ‵vb74 all ‵vb66 the ‵vs25 ‵vb71 clouds ‵vb62 dar 
‵vb66 kin ‵vs15 ‵vb68 up the sky ‵vb71 way,
‵vs50 ‵vb62 there's a ‵vs25 ‵vb66 rainbow high ‵vb71 way ‵vb57 to ‵vb58 
be ‵vs0 ‵vb62 found,
‵vs10 ‵vb58 lea ‵vs15 ding ‵vb80 from ‵vb78 your ‵vb74 win ‵vb78 doe 
‵vs0 ‵vb71 pane.
‵vs25 ‵vb57 to ‵vb58 a ‵vb66 place ‵vs10 ‵vb71 bih ‵vs25 ‵vb78 hind 
‵vb80 the ‵vs0 ‵vb71 sun,
‵vs15 ‵vb57 just ‵vb58 a ‵vb66 step ‵vs10 ‵vb71 be ‵vs10 ‵vb78 yond 
‵vb80 the ‵vs0 ‵vb82 rain.
‵vf₀ ‵vs5 ‵vb58 some ‵vb80 where, ‵vb78 oh ‵vs45 ‵vb70 ver ‵vb72 the 
‵vs15 ‵vb78 rain ‵vb80 beau,
‵vs1 ‵vb58 why ‵vb74 up ‵vb71 high.
‵vs15 ‵vb52 there's ‵vb68 a ‵vs30 ‵vb66 land ‵vb58 that ‵vb61 I‵vs15 
‵vb66 heard ‵vb68 of,
‵vb61 once ‵vs30 ‵vb55 in ‵vb58 a ‵vs15 ‵vb61 lull ‵vb66 luh ‵vs1 ‵vb58 by.
‵vf₀ ‵vs5 ‵vb58 some ‵vb80 where, ‵vb78 oh ‵vs45 ‵vb70 ver ‵vb72 the 
‵vs15 ‵vb78 rain ‵vb80 beau,
‵vs1 ‵vb58 skies ‵vb74 are ‵vb71 blue.
‵vs15 ‵vb52 and ‵vb68 the ‵vs30 ‵vb66 dreams ‵vb58 that ‵vb61 you ‵vs15 
‵vb66 dared ‵vb68 to,
‵vb61 dream ‵vs30 ‵vb55 real ‵vb58 lee ‵vs15 ‵vb61 do ‵vb66 come ‵vs1 
‵vb58 true.
‵vs3 ‵vb71 some ‵vs20 ‵vb66 day ‵vs30 ‵vb71 I'll ‵vs45 ‵vb66 wish ‵vb71 
uh ‵vb66 pon ‵vb71 a ‵vs10 ‵vb66 star,
‵vs45 ‵vb71 and ‵vs60 ‵vb68 wake ‵vb71 up ‵vb68 where ‵vb71 the ‵vb68 
clouds ‵vb71 are ‵vb68 far ‵vb71 bih ‵vs5 ‵vb74 hind ‵vs1 me.
‵vs3 ‵vb71 Where ‵vs20 ‵vb66 truh ‵vs30 ‵vb71 boals ‵vs45 ‵vb66 melt 
‵vb71 like ‵vb66 leh ‵vb71 mun ‵vs10 ‵vb66 drops,
‵vs45 ‵vb74 and ‵vs60 ‵vb70 way ‵vb74 a ‵vb70 buhv ‵vb74 the ‵vb70 chim 
‵vb74 nee ‵vb70 tops ‵vb74 that's ‵vs0 ‵vb78 where ‵vs1 you'll ‵vs0 
‵vb82 find ‵vb74 me.
‵vf₀ ‵vs5 ‵vb58 some ‵vb80 where, ‵vb78 oh ‵vs45 ‵vb70 ver ‵vb72 the 
‵vs15 ‵vb78 rain ‵vb80 beau,
‵vs1 ‵vb58 blue ‵vb74 birds ‵vb71 fly.
‵vs15 ‵vb52 birds ‵vb68 fly ‵vs30 ‵vb66 oh ‵vb58 ver ‵vb61 the ‵vs15 
‵vb66 rain ‵vb68 beau,
‵vb61 why, ‵vs30 ‵vb55 then ‵vb58 oh ‵vs15 ‵vb61 why, ‵vb66 can't ‵vs1 
‵vb58 I.
‵vs3 ‵vb71 If ‵vs20 ‵vb66 hap ‵vs30 ‵vb71 p ‵vs45 ‵vb66 lih ‵vb71 toal 
‵vb66 blue ‵vb71 birds ‵vs10 ‵vb66 fly,
‵vs2 ‵vb71 be ‵vb68 yond ‵vb71 the ‵vb68 rain ‵vb71 beau,
‵vs0 ‵vb68 why, ‵vs15 ‵vb71 oh ‵vs5 ‵vb74 why, ‵vb78 can't ‵vs0 ‵vb80 I.
‵vf₀ ‵vs60‵vv100‵vb38 it's ‵vb44 beginning ‵vb44 to ‵vb39 look ‵vb39 a 
‵vb47 lot ‵vb51 like ‵vb55 chris ‵vb39 muss
Here is how to make use of it. ‵ack-quote is always first before the v. 
vf₀ This might sound like a 0, but it has a different ASCII value, so 
copy both the back-quote and the 0 to your clibpboard. This command 
makes Eloquence monotonous. ‵ vsx This sets the speed of the voice. This 
is useful for note duration. ‵ vbxSets the pitch of the voice. This is 
useful for actual notes. Look above for examples. This works for 
syllables only, or words with one only. If your word has more than one, 
break it up so that each syllable has its own pitch and note duration.
Hope you have fun with it!

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