[DECtalk] updating of dectalk.com

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Sun May 5 13:29:38 EDT 2013

Christopher, who hosts
Definitely makes it difficult to submit synthetic creations.  As far as I
know, the site is not updated very often. Several years ago, I wanted to put
Dectalk songs that I programmed onto the site, as my folder there was and
still is years out-of-date. I was provided with an FTP URL and password, but
could not upload to my folder. If I remember correctly, I could only access
the root directory but not any subfolders. When I emailed my problems to
Christopher and requested help, no response was received. Last year, I tried
contacting him again about how to submit/update files with the same result
of no answer. Very frustrating! Although he develops high-quality software
products, he apparently is not very interested in Dectalk.

In summary, I'm not sure how files can be shared/uploaded to dectalk.com. It
seems logical that the hoster of dectalk.com aught to be on this list for
obvious reasons. However, he might not be a member. I say this because if he
was, files shared here probably would have been uploaded to dectalk.com by
now. Jayson, am I correct in concluding that Christopher is not a member of
this list?

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How often do the Qwitter people update dectalk.com? The last thing was in
October 2012, that Avenue Q song about the Internet, put in the
miscellaneous folder. And there's no submit button, and people have
submitted attachments to this list that were never included.
Tyler Z

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