[DECtalk] a great idea for a website

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sat Aug 18 22:10:46 EDT 2012

I wouldn't.  I think there would be a legal issue.  Besides, AT&T and 
several others have similar functionality, albeit not with DECTalk voices.

On 8/18/2012 10:05 AM, Tyler wrote:
> Hello! How would you like a website like this? Instead of downloading Dectalk 4.3, you just go to a
> website. It gives you a text box where you can type in words, commands and Dectalk phonemes, and
> then hit a button, preview it, and then save it in wav and/or mp3 format. How would you
> like that? An on-website Dectalk 4.3 "speak window" type interface? We would need to find
> someone who had more programming skills than me; I use Javascript, and Javascript can't do that.
> Tyler Z

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