[DECtalk] New member

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Apr 27 12:53:00 EDT 2009


The problem with the archive going down should be fixed.  I have it set 
to restart thttpd every hour.  If it does go down, it should come back 
up within an hour unless there is a power outage or some other problem.  
I really appreciate your patience and sorry this keeps happening.  If it 
doesn't come back up within an hour of going down, please tell me.  I 
have no way of knowing that it's down unless I'm told.  I usually don't 
remember to check on my own.  The problem is not the machine, it's up 
all the time.  It's apparently a bug in the thttpd web server but I have 
no idea why.

Blake Roberts wrote:
> http://dectalk.goldenaudio.net/software
> The above link does not work right now because
> http://dectalk.goldenaudio.net
> Is currently down. Hopefully, Tony will fix this soon.
> Blake 

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