[DECtalk] difference between the two versions of DECtalk access32?

Blake Roberts broberts at dmv.com
Tue Apr 22 13:27:21 EDT 2008

Freedom Scientific no longer sells their version of Dectalk Access32. 
According to tech support, the version of Dectalk Access32 on FS's web site 
only works for people who purchased a license for it when FS sold the 
It is my understanding that the FS version of Access32 used Dectalk 4.41, 
whereas the more recent product from other companies use Dectalk 4.6. It is 
my personal oppinion that Dectalk 4.3 and 4.4 sound most like the original 
DecTalk. Since I don't have Dectalk Access32, I can not comment on how well 
any version works with JAWS.
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> Blankhello list,
> Does anyone know the difference between the version of DECtalk which FS 
> used
> to make, and the one marketed by GW micro.
> Which version sounds better with jaws, pauses where it is supposed to, 
> and
> sounds like the original DECtalk.
> and, is it still possible to get the FS variant of DECtalk?
> thanks for any advice,
> orhan.


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