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Alex Parks mehgcap at gwi.net
Sun Nov 25 18:24:55 EST 2007

Never mind my previous email; I found it.  However, jaws 
continues in Eloquence even after I select dt.  Again, I have 
JAWS 8 and am running xp (sp 2) on a Compaq.

Have a great day,

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>I can answer some of your questions.  Dectalk access
>32 is version 4.41 of dectalk and when you install it
>it'll say that it can't find the jfw path and that
>you'll need to run this program again after installing
>jaws but it should work anyway without needing to do
>that.  I'm not sure if freedom scientific gave
>everyone authorizations for access32 now or if you
>still have to pay 150 to buy it.  I read somewhere
>that it was no longer for sale but that doesn't mean
>it wont work.  Try installing it and go to the add
>synthesizers thing in your version of jaws and select
>and add it after install.  It might work then I'm
>using it now with jaws 9.0 just fine.
>--- Blake Roberts <broberts at dmv.com> wrote:

>> Hi all.
>> I recently learned about the Dectalk Access32
>> software.  I have three
>> questions.
>> 1.  Is Dectalk Access32 still sold for Jaws? The
>> download I found of Access32
>> on Freedom Scientific's web site was right after a
>> download of Eloquence for
>> Jaws 2.0.
>> 2.  Does Dectalk Access32 work with recent versions
>> of Jaws, IE, 7 and 8?
>> 3.  What version of Dectalk is used in Access32?

>> Feedback would be appreciated.
>> Blake

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