[DECtalk] Posted: Red dwarf... Season 5... Episode one! Holoship

Sean Randall sean-r at runbox.com
Thu Jun 9 16:51:44 EDT 2005

Hi again all!

The weeks have flashed by, and here we are, yet again, for the fifth time 
at the start of a new season.
The two week delay was, as Matthew mentioned, firstly our regular week 
off, and then it was a UK holiday anyway so we weren't doing much work or 
in some cases nothing online.
I'm glad of the break - it gave me time to realize how important this was 
to me.
Silly and inconsequential it may seem.
Important it is.

And having done my yoda impression, I'll get on with this week's 

Rimmer's life takes a bit of a leap in this one. First he assures Lister 
unreservedly that love is not as powerful as ambition or much else. Then, 
of course,
he just happens to find a girl, find a ship, become an officer, fall in 
love... and make the supreme sacrifice he was so "dead" set against.

I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Sean R.

"Let's at least ask someone who's at least going to give us a slightly 
more intelligent opinion. Hello, wall! What do you think?" - Kochanski, 
beyond a joke.

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