[Blindapple] MAME IIgs emulation revisited briefly

joseph.norton at gmail.com joseph.norton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 03:16:23 EDT 2023

Hi listers:


Just a quick heads up.


There seem to be some improvements in the IIgs emulation in MAME.


Haven't found a way to connect to anything, but, the clock is now working


For a while, it was moving along in a crazy way.  Now, it seems to be
behaving like it should.


Still no success in getting TexTalker 1.4 to behave like 1.0 does.  It is
nice to have numbers spoken as words, but, if you try to use the BT command,
it hardly does anything when booting into, say, DOS 3.3.  Maybe there's a
command I need to enter, or something.


The 800K image I mentioned earlier can be booted off of either the floppy
device (-flop3), or, you can set up a CFFA2 in slot 7 and it will boot up if
you specify the image as a hard drive (-hard1).  Cannot get AMDOS to format
it under the emulation to create a new image.  For that, I had to fumble
around in GSPlus.


Goodnight all!

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