[Blindapple] I created am amdos 3.5 disk

joseph.norton at gmail.com joseph.norton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 02:51:21 EDT 2023

Hi listers:


I just successfully created a 3.5 AMDOS disk.


If anyone doesn't know what this is, and, I doubt it, it is a version of DOS
3.3 which is modified to work on a 3.5 inch disk.  It takes the 800K and
divides it up into 2 400K volumes, accessed by using d1 and d3 for the first
and second volumes respectively.


I tried doing it under MAME with the IIGS, but, that didn't work.


But, I used a copy of GSPlus that I had laying around and it seems to have
done it.


I used Ciderpress to copy the files from the 3.1.3 TexTalker for DOS 3.3,
and it seems to have done it.


It boots up under MAME with the IIGS 3.5 drive (-flop3 switch), but, and
even more interesting, boots up with the cffa2 device with the APPLE II E.
Booted it from slot 7 under MAME.


Now I've got to modify FID to have a working copy.  Hope the instructions I
have are still good.


There was supposed to be a file I could exec to do it, but, it wasn't on the
amdos disk I got from Asimov.  So, hopefully, the instructions were
faithfully copied.


If you want to play with this, I'll supply a dropbox link here. I am going
to try to get FID working tomorrow with it, but, this is just the disk with
the TexTalker 3.1.3 files on it.  Here's the link:




I'll update if I get a working copy of FID and add it to the image.


I make no guarantees on this one, but, it seems to work.


More later!

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