[Blindapple] Test disk for TexTalker GS 1.4

joseph.norton at gmail.com joseph.norton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 21:59:06 EDT 2021

Hi listers:


I decided to play around with the textalker update disk in the dropbox


I copied the files talk, talk.0 and talk.init into the util directory of the
textalker GS 1.0 disk and it seems to boot up.


I did have to do a couple things differently, which I will explain.  Read
this before you go out and grab this disk.


First, this version of TTGS wants you to boot using the device echoii, not


So, a typical command line for booting the disk might be something like


Mame apple2gs -sl3 echoii -flop3 tt14test.po


If all goes well, you should hear "Textalker installed" and a warning about
the ramdisk.


I included the conp command on the disk, which you can use to correct this.
At the prompt, issue the command:


Conp -rs8


Which will set up a ramdisk so TTGS will be copied over there.  After you
issue the command, exit the emulator and restart it with the same command


This time, TTGS will get copied over to the ramdisk.


Here's the dropbox link to my test disk:




This is an 800K image.



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