[Blindapple] How to make ProDOS system programs talk

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Wed Aug 11 23:51:49 EDT 2021

I found it in a Google search. I just had their Braille Edit disk, which 
I think was an early or abbreviated Bex as I recall. It's actually fun 
playing with this stuff again, especially since I have access to 
emulated hardware I never was able to add to a school computer back in 
the day, and couldn't have purchased if I could have added it. I did 
have access to this platinum Apple //e though, for a short time, and had 
the two floppies with it. Don't recall being able to get convert working 
well enough to get the Applesoft games running under ProDOS as I was 
able to do now though. Integer is still a bit tricky, as although it 
works, it can't load any programs. But getting most things to work from 
my hard disk image is really a good bit of fun.


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