[Blindapple] How to make ProDOS system programs talk

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Wed Aug 11 20:40:04 EDT 2021

No progress on this front yet, but I do remember having the ProDOS 
user's disk when I was in school using one of these Apple //e computers, 
and I remember the utilities speaking at some point. I have upgraded my 
MAME ROM for the Apple //e and now use the platinum edition with the 
number pad, but the utilities on this disk are still not speaking. This 
is with the latest Textalker for ProDOS, version 3.1.3 according to the 
copyright and version notice displayed if I brun it while it is already 
running, along with a copy of the ProDOS user's disk I downloaded from 
the Internet Archive. I should mention that I have tried running both 
filer and convert from an already talking Davex shell running on a hard 
disk image, from basic.system on the same hard disk, and also from 
basic.system booted from the Textalker disk itself, and in all cases I 
have no speech once the program is running. Was there a ProDOS user's 
disk that was modified somehow so that the filer and convert utilities 
would speak, or was there something I did to make it work, a different 
ProDOS version, an earlier Textalker, something even more crazy? Funny 
thing, although this was a long time ago, I seem to recall these 
utilities not initially speaking, but I don't recall what I had to do to 
make them speak.


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