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ah, yes, the ssi 263.  Same chip the sounding board used.  Also the speak out.  I used 2 e and 2 c with cricket as well as the laser 128.  I think I still have all of that stufff.  Got my 2 e up and running now.  I had an external hard drive and replaced the power supply recently, but can't bget it to boot.  Not sure why.  
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Hi there,

I have a Mockingboard that I purchased many years ago from Reactivemicro. It has 6 Channels

The standard board alone is not text to speech capable. You need to add at least one SSI-263P or SC-01 chip. But these chips difficult to find.

I heard that AE Phasor might be an option (12 Channels). I don't have it, but it seems it also require the chip SSI-263 to add voice. It is also available at Reactivemicro

Probably the best turnkey alternative is the DoubleTalk still available at RC Systems. No need to add the SSI chips. Text to speech capability can be used as simple print commands.

Mockinboard Reference

Phasor Reference


Doubletalk Reference



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Hi listers:

In my a0pple days, all I had was the 2e, the Echo and one 5-1/4 disk drive.

I know some used a slotbuster or doubletalk, but, I’m hearing about a peripheral called the mockingboard.

Did that have speech capability and was it ever used by blind folks for access?



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