[Blindapple] Got Textalker GS 1.0 going

joseph.norton at gmail.com joseph.norton at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 04:56:50 EDT 2020

Hi listers:


Well, the subject pretty-much says it all.


I have a 32-meg hd setup based on the TexTalker GS 1.0 disk and copied all
the DAVEX stuff from the 1.27 HD image to my own HD image.


For some reason, the 1.3 davex that has the freeware notice crashes and
takes me to the monitor, but, this is a minor inconvenience, as 1.27 should
do all I need.


Also, got the ramdrive set up with 128K of memory and TTGS copies itself
over there, as per the manual's suggestion.


Basic.system works, but, haven't tried booting anything.  Got to tweak my
RAM and check some other things.


No success on the 1.4 update.  Copied all the files where I think they
should go (different destinations for different file types, question mark),
and get a bad object file error (which doesn't speak). 


Next, after some sleep, and other activities tomorrow, hope to tweak the
aliases and paths and such.  Still a lot of fun stuff to play with, wouldn't
you say?


Goodnight, or whatever it is.

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