[Blindapple] HD image with Davex

Byron Stephens bstephens122874 at shaw.ca
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How about some of the eamon games?
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  Hi listers:


  I’ve put together a 32-meg hard-drive image file booting into Davex running under ProDOS 2.4.1.  It works under the latest MAME release using the CFFA2 driver.  It seems to be working pretty well.  It boots up as slot 7, drive 1 and I can put another 32-meg image as drive 2.


  I moved the ProWords/ProTerm/ProBraille files over there, but, am wondering what else I can possibly use it for.


  I have a vague idea of seeing how many older DOS 3.3 Basic programs I can move onto it and still use with TexTalker under ProDOS.


  I’m going to experiment with some of the files from the collection in the archive and see what may work and what won’t.  If there was a way to use disk images, I could even put some of those on the actual HD, but, how could I copy them back onto a floppy drive?  Shrinkit will do it, but, it is a bit tricky to use.  Think I can refresh my memory.  That way, I could store all the disks in the archive on the HD, unshrink them onto a floppy in slot 6, drive 1 and then use Davex’s boot command to boot into the actual disk.  With ProDOS disks, I wouldn’t even need to boot those.


  Any thoughts or similar experiences.




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