[Blindapple] TexTalker GS bootup wav file

Tom Moore tommym2006 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 19:17:10 EDT 2020


Looks like you've got the hard part working.

Now that you've got speech you should be able to read files off of disks if
the system will allow you to mount them.

As far as getting any real use out of it unless you are trying to learn how
things were done with some old source code you aren't really going to be
able to connect the vm to anything.

It is cool that you were able to get the thing talking though.




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Hi list:


Give a listen to this 1 min 25 sec Wav file.  This was achieved in MAMEUI
running in Windows 10.




Not sure what else I can do with it, but, we'll see.

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